Sunday, December 30, 2007

January's Inchie swap

I'm announcing this a couple of days early in a feeble attempt at being organised.
The theme for January is LOVE. I have chosen this as, if all goes well, the swap should be returned to you in time for Valentine's day.

This swap is open to anyone, whether you've taken part before or not.
if you are new to this swap or to inchie swaps in general ( or indeed new to inchies), here are some rules and advice,
An inchie is a 1" square piece of "art" (I use the term loosely)
you can use any media you like. I generally use paper collage/ stamping. but we have had fabric ones, and painted ones.

for this swap you make 9 inchies (regardless of how many people are taking part). Keep one of them for yourself and send the other eight to me (email me for my address, you can email me through my profile) with a stamped addressed envelope (with a "large" stamp) if you are based in the uk. if you are sending from outside the uk, send a self addressed envelope (with no stamp) and then an ATC or a small gift, and I will cover the cost of postage.

The closing date is 31st January. please email me, or post a comment on here when you have posted your inchies off, and then I will know to expect them (or indeed wait for them)

you do not need to mount your inchies, there are no rules to their presentation, just make sure they won't fall out of the envelope.

write your name on the back of each inchie (and any other details you want, if you can fit them on!!)

you will receive a random selection of eight inchies back.

please ask any questions in the comments. and have fun creating these miniature works of art.


  1. Oh, I like this inchie you've made. Great for Valentine's Day.
    Plan on getting some in to you for this.

  2. Joanne...this little inchie is fabulous. Also wanted to tell you happy new year. Looking forward to hanging out with you more ;o)

  3. These are gorgeous Joanne - love the font!!! stunning! x

  4. This is so delicate and sweet! Perfect for a little girl!

  5. Gorgeous Joanne.. love the red and black :o)

  6. I love your inchie and the Romeo and Juliet text. Thank you for inviting me to your inchie swap. I'm putting mine in the mail today. Here's a link if you want a peek:

  7. I have posted my inchies off to you. Its the first time i have joined your inchie swap. Looking forward to reciveing some back

  8. Hi Joanne,
    I'm a crafts lover from Portugal and I was browsing felt sites and blogs when I came across the word inchie. I immediately googled it and one of the pictures I found was on your blog. By the way, congratulations on your creative crafts! The whole concept of inchie is so interesting that I might take part in the inchie swap. I have some doubts, though; it's probably ridiculous to ask this, but are the 9 inchies supposed to be as similar to one another as possible or as different from one another as can be (within the proposed theme, of course)?

  9. Thanks a lot for the prompt explanation, Joanne.

  10. Joanne: I sent my set of inchies off to you this afternoon. Sent from South Carolina. -- Michele

  11. I love that inchie.. it reminds me a bit of my ATC and card you made .. beautiful work..

    I should get my butt in gear and join in the inchies again..

  12. I love your Inchie! Just to let you know I mailed out my Inchies first class this morning. Thanks for making ther swap!


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