Monday, August 23, 2010

forever friend: Easel Card

This week at Forever friends we challenge you to make an easel card. We have a fabulous sponsor, I am Roses.

I am really enjoying playing with the flowers that the team were sent, and decided to make my bear hold one of the roses (which come on the wire) I did this, by stamping the bear's arm again and sandwiching the stem between the two arms using silicon glue.

I have made my "stopper" flat to the card, and added a tab to my top piece which slots under the topper.


  1. you do cute cards so well Joanne. this is gorgeous and I love your use of the flowers.

  2. What a gorgeous card. Love how the bear is holding the flower.

    Thanks for the brilliant idea of making a tab, this is one idea I'll be pinching!

  3. Completely sweet easel card! That little guy is way to cute!

  4. I REALLY like this. I think its the little flower above the main part that 'does it' for me. Great composition.


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