Friday, May 09, 2014

Reversible Knitted Polka Dot Baby Blanket (double Knitting technique)

 This may just be my favourite thing that I have ever knitted. It was quite hard, but very rewarding.
It is quite large for a baby blanket, somewhere between stroller and cot size (I forgot to measure it before I gave it away).

I used two colour of Aran yarn and it used approximately 200g (200m) of each.

The technique is known as double knitting (not to be confused with double knitting yarn) and basically knits both sides of the fabric at the same time, creating two separate layers, the two layers become joined together where you cross the colours from front to back.

I used the following set of 3 excellent youtube videos to learn this beautiful technique


  1. Looks beautiful, might have to try this x

  2. It's with posts like these I wish you could reach through and touch the pieces featured! This looks stunning, bet it's really cosy


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