Wednesday, May 09, 2007

making my own foam stamps

I've been playing today at making my own stamps out of funky foam. well let's face it what else CAN you use it for!!!!

I've made the harlequin background for this one. I quite like it


  1. what a great idea and card....never thought of using that stuff for making stamps. I couldnt even give it away when I was cleaning my craft stuff out lol

  2. Great idea Joanne!

  3. You should develope this idea further Joanne...this looks great!!! You have some great ideas!

  4. Love the card Joanne and would never of thought that the stamp was made with FF.

  5. Brilliant idea, Joanne - it's a pity I threw a mountain of it in the bin a while back. D'oh! :)

    Love the card :)


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