Sunday, March 07, 2010

Crochet Slippers

I used the techniques I learned from this pattern and this pattern, to devise my own pattern for crochet slippers which can be made with any thickness of yarn for any size foot, using only an outline of the person's foot and no measurements (but quite a few stitch counts and calculations.)

Here are the basic instructions. (in British Stitches)
Draw around your foot, mark the length, the width and an approximate third of the length. (this can be done "by eye": no need for accuracy)

Chain a short length of stitches, approx the width of the first two toes (I started with 9)
3dc in 2nd chain from hook, dc accross remaining chains, 3 dc in last chain, turn to go down the other side of the starting chain, and into first of 3dc. 3 dc into middle stitch of previous end 3dc. Continue working in this oval, doing 3 dc into each end of the oval, until the width of the piece is the same as the width of the foot, ensuring that you are at the end of a round (ie the same no of rows at each side)

at this point count the no of rounds and the no of stitches, and WRITE THEM DOWN. Decide how many stitches are in the final end shaping (either 1 or 2, by making sure you finish with an even no of stitches).

continue to dc in rounds until the length of the piece is a third of the length of the foot. (ending with a complete round) (note the number of rounds)

now, lie the slipper flat and decide where the edges are, as you have been working in rounds, there is a tendency for the piece to twist and you need to allow for this, make sure your stitches end where you new "edge" is.

now for some calculation. take the no of stiches you have and half it (call this a) now take a and divide it by 4, round this up or down to the nearest whole number (call this b)

now continuing in the same direction dc b number of stitches, chain one and turn (ch does not count as stitch) dc (a + 2b) stitches (this will be roughly three quarters of the total stitch count.

* example: I had 38 stitches in my round. 38/2 = 19, and 19/4 = 5 (rounded up to nearest whole number) I crocheted an extra 5 stitches, turned and crocheted 29 stitches.*

continue to work straight on these stitches until the slipper is the length of the foot if you stretch the slipper slightly. (note the number of rows)

dc halfway across row, fold right sides together, then without breaking the yarn, slip stich the ends together to form the heel.

still with the yarn unbroken, dc evenly around the opening of the slipper, dc3 together at each of the front corners .
repeat this round twice more.
finish with a round of reverse double crochet (rope stitch, crab stitch) with no shaping, join at back with a slip stitch, break yarn and sew in ends (you will only have a start and a finish end).

decorate with a simple flower.

chain 5, join ends with slip sticth chain 6, dc into ring 10 times. finishing with a slip stitch, attach to slipper.

now use all the calculations and counts you HAVE written down to make a second slipper exacly the same.


  1. oh i love them Joanne ! you are clever ! the colour is gorgeous.


  2. They are fab but there is no way I could ever get two looking anything like the same! I'm well impressed with the crochet slippers you have created.

    Carol Ann xx

  3. very cosy. great to put on when you get out of bed in the morning.

  4. wow, look at you go! Very cute. :)

  5. Really cute, I love the color you used!

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