Monday, November 15, 2010

box for a scroll or rolled voucher, tutorial including custom made scoring board.

Today on the Rogue Redhead blog, I have this tutorial

One of my favourite presents to give at the moment is Amazon vouchers. I love that you can print them straight off, and let's face it, you can buy pretty much anything from Amazon.
But they are not very exciting to give, so that's why I came up with the idea of making a box to put a scroll in, so you can roll the printed voucher up and give as a proper gift.

I have made mine from a sheet of A4 card, it would be easy to adapt this to a similar sized card. I decided that I needed all my scores to be a width of 4cm, however my scoring board doesn't do this width, so I decided I needed to custom make my own scoring board. This was really easy to do, fold a card as shown, so that the channel is just the right width for your embossing tool. mark the width on that you want. As I wanted to be able to score lengthways A4 card, and repeat the scoring, I added little extension pieces to the measurement.

you can see the board in use here. it really does work.

score 4 lines at 4cm intervals lengthways down your card, and 4cm in from each edge.
trim the last flap down to 3cm and shape as shown. cutting away all the shaded areas, and between the side flaps.

fold up and glue side flaps together and place your rolled paper/voucher/certificate/invitation etc, inside.

decorate however you like. I have used a quote and the background from the Relish Reading plate from Rogue Redhead Designs.


  1. another ingenious Joanne idea. love it!!

  2. What a clever idea, I don't have a scoring board and it is hard work when you have to measure everything ... this is absolute genius!

  3. Love this custom gift box! Beautifully crafted! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial!!

  4. I love this idea since all my nieces and nephews are teenaged.
    Yours is beautifully finished :-)
    PS come and join my giveaway.

  5. Hi Joanne, great tutorial, love your idea, teenagers are so difficult to buy for. Thanks :0) xx

  6. Absolutely stunning! I love all your great tips too!

  7. It is all about presentation and you have created such a beautiful presentation box. What a gift to receive. Lynne M

  8. What a nice way to give a gift, so personal!

  9. I love how ingenius you are - I would have shoved the paper in an envelope not as elegant your way!


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