Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Have Book, Will Travel : a crochet project

I designed this bag yesterday, with the sole purpose of carrying a book. I absolutely always have a book on the go, so I wanted a bag to carry it in. This is a really easy design for a beginner and can be adapted easily to any size, using any yarn and hook.
First start with a granny square (there are plenty of instructions on how to make these on the internet) make it the width that you want your bag to be. Along one side of the square, pick up the stitches and make a row of trebles (UK) or doubles (US). Continue rows of trebles until the piece is about 1/2 " shorter than you want the bag to be, then do two rows of double crochet (UK) or single crochet (US).
Make another identical piece. place wrong sides together (although they don't really have a right and wrong side) and join the sides with double crochet (UK) and then go back over in crab stitch this gives a fancy edge for very little effort.

At one of the edges pick up 7 stitches for handle, and double crochet (UK) over these stitches until the handle is long enough. The handle WILL stretch, so make sure you allow for this in the length. I have designed mine as an across the body bag. When long enough, join to the other edge.

You could easily line this bag with a simple bag lining, but I have left mine unlined, in the market bag style. You could also easily add a loop and button fastening.

My project is now featured on the FaveCrafts website, here.


  1. I have no idea how to crochet so I envy those that do...your bag is just the sweetest. I love how dainty it is...beautiful work! :)

  2. That is lovely. I can knit but not crochet. Bag is stunning though.

    There is somethign for you to see at

    Shell x

  3. fab idea Joanne, beautifully made and such a gorgeous colour!

  4. YAY! This is wonderful. I love the idea of a little crocheted bag just for a book. My books are usually smashed into my purse along with a knitting project, wallet, lotions, etc.... I'm sure the book would be safer in its own bag. Darling! I'll have to try this.

  5. This is an adorable idea! As a fellow book lover, I always have a book along with me and it would be nice to have a nifty little bag to carry it in!

  6. This is just beautiful and thank you for the urls's and your instructions. I am a lover of crochet.

  7. It's a lovely bag & something I would find very handy!

    As a non-crocheter (& non-knitter too) the instructions on the link you gave went right over my head! My aim is to learn how to crochet & knit so I no longer have to be envious of those that can.

    Jenny x

  8. What a fabulous idea. Perfect for the beach. Congrats on a great design & being featured on the favecrafts site :)

  9. great textured background Joanne


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