Sunday, August 02, 2009

little cushion

Our theme at forever friends challenge tomorrow is stitching: real, faux, doodled, stamped, whatever....

I chose to actually sew something, and made a lttle cushion. I actually thought this would make a nice lavender sachet, but didn't have any dried laveder, so it's stuffed with toy stuffing instead.
I was also inspired by theme thursday's 4x4 theme, and this is a 4x4 cushion.


  1. Great idea, a 4x4 cushion! So very cute!

  2. OMG what a lovely idea and cute stamp.
    I love this bears. Awesome.

  3. aw this is so sweet Joanne, love forever friends :o)

  4. What a cute idea...Love the bear stamp on the cushion!

  5. Hiya! What an adorable little cushion, you've made an FF image all country cottagey & traditional, I love it xx

    I have an ulterior motive for posting however - I just wanted to know if you are the same Joanne who provided the instructions for a the little storage box in Sept 09's craft stamper?

    If you are I must credit you properly as I have shamefully lifted your design & posted them on my own blog...

    so if you are indeed the correct Joanne the I will ofcouse include a link to your blog & anything else you request.

    Sincerely Nikki x

  6. I love it! Very sweet. :) I finally sent your parcel on Saturday, by the way.


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