Sunday, December 20, 2009

last minute knitting

The 24 hour scarf!
I bought this yarn quite a while a go for 99pence a ball from Poundstretcher. I should have known better. It really is the most revolting yarn to knit with. However, I don't like waste, and I know the colours will suit my friend, so I decided to persevere. I used massive 10mm needles so it would knit up quick, and 24 hours later a reasonable scarf appeared.

But look how much of the yarn is left!! and I have a whole other ball. it will stay around to haunt me for ages will this yarn!!


  1. Oh Joanne lovely scarf i luv the colours, sue.x

  2. love your scarf I have mixed this wool before with black wool to make it knit easier

  3. *chuckling* It turned out great anyway, in spite of being terrible yarn. I have some terrible fiber that haunts me, too. :) Thanks for unwrapping it so that we could have a peak!

  4. Gorgeous scarf...looks really cosy x

  5. It's a great scarf though, definitely worth the perseverance! Don't think crocheting it 'll be any easier LOL ;)

  6. lol the scarf looks great though.

    i've just finished a scarf for my daughter which i started 2 years ago! i love the fact you finish your knitted items! lol


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