Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spongebob Spongebag!

I found these Spongebob Facecloths in Poundland, and knew that I had to get them, my youngest son just loves Spongebob Squarepants. I also knew that I wouldn't be using them as facecloths... I decided to buy two and make them into a wash bag. The great thing about using facecloths is that the edges are already hemmed, so the washbag can be made up in minutes.

it's such an easy thing to do so I thought I'd offer up a quick tutorial,
so here it is ..
my " making a drawstring wash bag from two facecloths" tutorial

1. buy two facecloths

2 sew a channel in the top of each cloth

3 place them right sides together, and sew together up to the point where you have sewn the channel

4 Turn right side out

5 thread some cord attached to a safety pin, through one channel, then in the opposite direction through the other channel, and tie the ends together

6 do the same with another cord, starting from the opposite corner.

7 pull the cords to close (and watch spongebob's face change, lol)


  1. Fantastic Jo, thanks for the tutorial

  2. very clever and creative - thanks for the tute too.

  3. How much fun is that !!!
    You are so creative Joanne, thanks for sharing, xxx

  4. LOL - that's brilliant Joanne! What a great tutorial - don't you just love Spongebob!

  5. Too cute! I wish I had someone to make that for! Great tutorial!!

  6. Well after I had picked myself up off the floor from laughing at this fab Spongebob I really loved it. Great am sure your son will love it. Annette x

  7. what a great idea they would be great for camping etc. My sons love spongebob and so do I as its not full of violence etc like those other rubbish cartoons..in fact they are watching spongebob now!


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