Wednesday, March 23, 2011

gingersnap annual copper challenge.

Okay I admit it I absolutely left this card until the last minute. So it's a bit of a rush job and I should probably do it again, but here you go!!

for the annual copper challenge at gingersnap creations I decided to experiment with brilliance cosmic copper on kraft card. I first masked off a random shape and then inked through one of the new masks (trees) that I got from Harrogate.
I finished with a simple quote from stampin up. however I've overinked my stazon pad, so the stamping is "well dodgy"


  1. Haha I like it Joanne, and sometimes well dodgy stamping adds to the texture and it looks great here.

  2. Hi Joanne, the whole idea of this card is perfect, who's a tinker and rushed it then?
    Well, to be honest it still looks great, the copper is inspired:0) xxx

  3. Beautiful mask, love it.
    Dodgy stamping....heck NO, stamping with character...not dodgy....... Annette x


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