Friday, June 24, 2011

washer bracelet- an experiment

*note this is the second post of the day.

I had an idea...
I'd been helping a friend make a necklace from buttons and I'd been looking at some necklaces in The White Stuff and I thought " I bet you could make jewelry out of washers" (like you do)

anyway. I got four sizes of stainless steel washers and some cotton cord and had a play.
I tried it with single washers and it was okay, but just okay and then I had the idea of piling them up. and this I like. I like the feel of it. The way the washers move on each other is very fluid.

It's not the most comfortable bracelet I've ever owned, if I was making it again, I'd probably, have the large washer upside down, so the smoother side was against my skin.

Still, it was a fun experiment.


  1. Fun,,,well this is mega groovy cool if I ever saw it!!! I love this...I want one,,,I need one....
    when are you doing the tutorial on how you tied those puppies like this:) You got to sell these...I´d buy one!

  2. I am with Cynthia on this one.EE

  3. It might be uncomfortable, but it looks great!! I just love your never know which craft will turn up next!!......and you're annoyingly good at ALL of them!!! xx

  4. Wow! Gorgeous Joanne so clever!

  5. What a great little bracelet.
    I thought I'd give you a heads up. You have three pieces published in the new Stampington Handcrafted. Congrats Joanne!
    hugs Lynn

  6. I don't think my comment worked. This is stunning and so original. I would wear it!

    Lucy x


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