Friday, September 02, 2011

Craft Stamper Magazine

The new Craft Stamper Magazine is out today, and is worth getting for the free stamp alone! Jo Capper-Sandon has designed a gorgeous star stamp for Stampotique. It's a smaller version of the new release from Stampotique.
I was lucky enough to be asked to make samples for the magazine, and I couldn't stop. I ended up making too many to be shown in the magazine, so here's one that didn't make it in.
It's just a covered notebook with the words "my plans for stardom on the cover". To create the subtle stars in the background, I created a stencil using the stamp and sprayed through it with spray and sparkle.

hopefully some of the others that did't make it into the magazine will be shown on the Craft Stamper website, and I may sneak a few more onto my blog.

It's always great fun working with Jo, we've known each other such a long time (but only met once) and no one has inspired me more! I'm really pleased with how the samples look, I think our styles complement each other well, but there's something for every level (yes, mine are the easy ones! lol)

I also have my final part in the one layer card series. I feel a bit sad that it's finished, I've really enjoyed it. But don't worry, I have more articles coming up and I'm sure I'll manage to sneak a few more one layer cards in. This month I have looked at using stencils and masks to make clean and simple designs.


  1. you have just reminded me to buy mine, so off to town for me tomorrow........
    Loving your cards below, the new stamps are so beautiful and love the way you have displayed them. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  2. Congrats on being published for this mag, awesome journal cover and can't wait to see some others pop up on your blog!

  3. I loved Jo's star stamp and I also loved your card using it, Joanne.


  4. fab Joanne. itching to read my mag but waiting for a peaceful moment. great journal cover.

  5. Just been to the newsagent and picked up my copy. Can't wait to devour it. Such a useful stamp - we'll all be seeing stars this weekend! xx

  6. This CraftStamper is great. Maybe tou've seen it on page 58. I was inspired by you're cards, combined it with other stamps and now.......My work is published.

    Thanks so much for your ideas!!!!

  7. Great work Joanne, love the title of your book!! Brilliant! And the stick pin in the article- such a cool idea ( won't say any more- will ruin the mag viewing).

    The final article on your series is brilliant. So summery and happy.

  8. Your samples and article are great, Joanne!

  9. Love the book cover and all the stuff in CS too! Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas! x

  10. Oooh, the peeks look gorgeous, Joanne! I haven't received my copy of CS yet... I will be stalking the mailman, LOL!

  11. yes it is a great looking stamp I will certainly be using it for christmas. Love the idea to use the stamp to make a stensil and spraying, I guess you could use texture paste too, ooh! that sounds like a plan


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