Thursday, September 22, 2011

cushions galore....

I'm in a bit of a cushion making frenzy at the moment. I have a new sewing machine and I adore it, so here's a selection

4 envelope fold cushions made from the leftovers from shortening a pair of curtains


some red corduroy cushions with a zip in the seam (I just learned how to do that from a youtube video)- these are to go on the back seat of my car.


an envelope fold t-shirt cushion (tutorial to follow)


and then finally not sewn, but crocheted, a really simple crochet cushion with a zip in the back.


  1. Wow!!!
    you have been busy they are all fantastic!

  2. very impressive Joanne - I dont even try doing the zips lol - all envelope folds for me.

  3. I'm impressed at the signs of industry in your craft room! Mind you don't wear out that fab new sewing machine then!!!


  4. These are fab. I've only done envelope folds too but I love your crocheted one. Looks really snuggly! xx

  5. so, u just "MADAM TALENT" ?? he he he he!

  6. Now that's what I call a cushion frenzy Joanne !!


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