Sunday, February 24, 2008

do sissix (or is it sizzix?) dies work with the x-cut impress?

this is something I've been trying to discover for a while. The very helpful man at the craft fair today said he thought they would with their plates. but I didn't want to buy their plates unless absolutely necessary. surely the plates that come with the impress would work. well the answer is no they don't. but as I didn't buy the plates. I decided to find another way to make them work.

you see the problem is in the thickness of the dies. the sissix (sizzix) dies are much thicker than the impress (double-do) dies

normally you use one grey and one blue plate with dies. so I thought that the two blue plates (used with embossing stencils, would do the trick. No!! they are still too thick.

so I looked around my craft room to see what I could use instead. I tried a piece of perspex- it cracked- do not try this!!
so I decided to use some stiff card. The kind that you get at the back of paper packs.

I built it up one sheet at a time until I got a thickness that worked (in the case of this card, 5 sheets.

so now I have my own "sissix converter". this shows how to arrange them (make sure the die is face down else it will cut into you beautifully crafted converter

and here it is going through the impress


I tried cutting through a few different materials
paper, thin card, card and funky foam, and as you can see it worked on them all

see, where there's a will.......


  1. Very industrious of you Joanne.

    Glad you've solved the problem and don't have to go and buy the other plates.

  2. WOW I am impressed, well done Joanne, saves a lot of money eh. i bet loads of folk do this now- I would if I had any of these things.

    great post!

    (not that I'm

  3. Well done Joanne, I've done something similar but using the sizzix and cutting down the odd mousemat :o)

  4. Fab idea, glad it worked in the end.
    I have a Big Shot & am thinking it will be easy to buy the impress dies for it


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