Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Make a moo or two

My friend Nellie has started a new challenge blog called "make a moo or two", if you don't know what moo cards are, it is explained very well on the site.

now you'd think I'd find these easy, what with loving inchies, but I really don't.

the theme this week is romance

I feel I cheated a bit with this as I've basically cut out a collage image from Inka and slapped it on some of the lovely new vintage papers from paper mania. added an i-kandee twist tie, and that was it!!

surely that can't be it!! it must be harder than that. however I am short of time this week as the children are on school hols, so that's my excuse. I'll try harder next time, honest!!


  1. Ooooo love it Joanne, evrything just works so well.

  2. gorgeous image, it's a beautiful moo!! love it. :))

  3. It's wonderful! And if it's any help, I did my first one this week for the challenge thinking it would be easy given it's over twice the size of an inchie, but it really wasn't that easy! Glad you gave it a try, too!

  4. I love them! Love your inchies too, and ohw, what a cute sock monkey! I'll give it a try too, thank you for sharing the link with the tuturial!

  5. Wonderful image. Really love this.

  6. How lovely, it looks so beautiful.


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