Saturday, August 02, 2008

black and white christmas

The theme at crazy amigos is black and white and the theme at one powerful hour is christmas in July.
I decided to combine these two challenges to make a black and white christmas card. I had recently bought these black christmas papers from papermania, they are gorgeous, so I was glad of a chance to use them. The stamps are by Inka.
I have made the black and white background with gesso on black card. I have also used my new toy, a dressmakers tracing wheel to make holes along the bottom of the central piece, but I'm bot sure that it shows up well on the picture.

and I managed to tidy up before and after well with the hour!


  1. Love it, Joanne. I can see the stitch marks at the bottom...great idea.


  2. I never would have thought about a black and white Christmas card! Awesome job!

  3. You're on a the gesso bg idea for this. With the use of a tracing wheel (which my screen isnt picking up sadly) it would give that extra impression of it being really old. Love this design.

  4. This is really beautiful work - it all goes so well together

  5. Oh she is absolutely fabulous...and I love the combination of the crazy amigo's challenge...really gave a new point of view to the christmas card! Lovely!

  6. Splendid Christmas card! and a great alternative color choice :) I really need to get on my Christmas cards too! The time is just slipping away!


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