Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Cowl

After I made my last cowl, I decided I wanted to make something a bit more "fancy" so I had a look around for an easy lacy pattern, and I found this pattern. Mine isn't exactly the same, but I really enjoyed doing it.


  1. Looks great, Joanne! I have yet to make myself a cowl, but I really think I'll add that to my list. It's freezing cold where I live, and I need one!

  2. Gorgeous Joanne! it's a lovely lacy pattern. Great wool too - what did you use?

  3. :0)

    You know I'm searching for another pun dont you lol....but I can't think of one as I don't know what Simons brother is called...

    I take it its still a bit nippy up north then ....its bikini weather down here :0)

    Fab knitting skills as always :0)

  4. love the lacy pattern and colour choice on this one

  5. wow you have been busy Joanne since my last visit ! you seem to be able to turn your hand at anything ! you talented girl !

  6. Oh how I wish I could knit. Its a fabulous work of art in its own right. Wish you had modelled it though. LOL


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