Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy 21st birthday Forever Friends (and a mild case of beanie addiction)

This week at the Forever Friends Challenge we are celebrating the 21st anniversary of forever friends, with a celebration theme. We also have a little giveaway.

And on an unrelated issue

I can't stop knitting beanie hats now. I love the fact that I can just pick up a 50g ball of wool that I just like the look of and there will be enough to make a hat. The first hat is from Sirdars crofter DK which magically knits up like fair isle, and feels beautiful. The second is from knit picks and was sent to me by the gorgeous Marie Greene. I am also making the same hat in the opposite colourway, with what I have left over.


  1. what a wonderful bright and happy card - and those beanies are fab.Im still knitting a cardi for my nephew...I think he might be 21 by the time Ive finished lol

  2. Gorgeous card Joanne cor 21 years old eh? oh Mandi's mum knitted me loads them hats they re brill only hats that fit my ickle head!!

  3. lovely colours on the card Joanne. Love the beanies - I wore one all the way through college LOL!

  4. I love it! I just love that black and green together, and I'm really glad you were able to use it. :) I thought of your boys when I sent it. I am thinking of starting a hat project soon (for the book). Hopefully I'll get that going while you're still in your beanie phase so you can test it for me ;)

  5. jo your card is great. I see now that your bear hold a 21 in the arms. cool idea!
    xoxo sandra


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