Sunday, February 06, 2011

knitted ipod monster

Do you remember these little guys "daphne and delilah"?
Well, I made those for my youngest son and he adored them. My oldest son has been asking me for ages to make him one, but very specifically it had to me black and white and he didn't want the baby (I guess he's not ready for that sort of responsiblity!!). He wanted the pocket to put his ipod in. Every night when he goes to bed he listens to audio books on his ipod, now he has a monster that "reads" to him.

I love the mismatched eyes. he's so cute.


  1. oh fab Joanne. I so need to get my needles out again!

  2. heehee...brilliant :0) I'd call him Dopi (Ipod backwards)

  3. Oooo love it, will have to get my needles out and I love the name that Jo has suggested....Dopi, ha ha, love it.

  4. *big grin* Love these little guys! Too cute!

  5. Wow! So loving this Joanne. lol @ Jo's name for him.


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