Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I love making cushions

I have a real thing about cushions at the moment. One of the recent additions is one made from my son's favourite sweatshirt, when he grew out of it. I thought it was a nice touch to leave the pocket.

and another is a knitted cushion, with fancy cabling. I found this cable pattern in a magazine and thought it would look good on a cushion,


  1. Beautiful cushions, clever girl:0) Gay xxx

  2. fab Joanne. the advantage of the top one is that you could put a PS3 controller or TV remote in the pocket (!)

  3. I love the Gap one with the pocket...very cooool idea! Fab altered page below too.....have a great Wednesday!

  4. Oh, yes, that sweatshirt cushion is adorable!


  5. Hey Joanne!

    I have been following your posts for a while now and I couldn't help but say that you are BRILLIANT at this!
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    Thanks! :D

    Hoping to always have you posting work as great as you have been!
    Cheers! :D

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  6. The cushion with the cables is superb ♥♥


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