Thursday, March 29, 2007

wednesday stamper - colouring

These 4 ATC are for a swap with the theme The Elements.
I decided to combine the challenge with this weeks wednesday stamper and show how changing the colour can change the whole feeling of a piece.

I used several colouring media. The stamped fairies were coloured with pencils, each one in colours to suit their element, the wings were then given a quick coat of twinkling H2O.
and they were cut out (unfortunately they lost there antennae at this stage!!)
The base is canvas on chipboard, painted with a solid colour of acrylic paint and while the paint was still wet given a dusting of perfect pearls on the edges.
The backgrounds were then painted in acrylic paint according to their theme.

so here they are:
The Elemental Fairies

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  1. FANTASTIC, they work so well Joanne.

  2. Those are fab, you've captured the elements so well there!

  3. Wonderful idea and great work.

  4. Colour can make such a difference to a piece can't it. You get such a varied feel using hot and cold colours. I've been experimenting with colour recently and its suprising how your emotions change as you create using the more firey colours against the calmer blues.

    My fave here has to be the fire element. :0)

  5. THANK YOU ,.. and the are gorgeous .. and I just know they will be even better in the flesh..

  6. Fab work, Joanne, and a clever idea.

  7. Love the backgrounds.

  8. Hi Joanne

    I love your work.

    These look great

  9. They are great Joanne. The red-orange is my favorite!

  10. Great idea! I don't know exactly which one I like best, all are beautiful! But if I had to choose one I think it would be Earth

  11. Love the theme, the elements used are great, like the effect using the canvas


  12. what a fun idea! and they all look different, pattern plays part of it as well. glad you played.


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