Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"you" tag

Karen's tag theme for this week is "you" I took that to mean some sort of self-portrait. I chose this photograph of me aged six first of all because I love it. I think I look so sweet and vulnerable. It was taken not long after my mum and dad split up. It was an emotional but not unhappy time. I spent a lot of time during my childhood escaping into books (and sleeping). And was a bit of a dreamer.
The book page on this tag is taken from one of my favourite childhood books, "The enchanted wood" by enid blyton. My mum used to read this to me, and it always made me feel really loved.
The fact that the heart looks a little bit like wings is not entirely accidental. I always dream that I can fly. and will never let go of the belief that it's not entirely impossible!!!

This is actually for a swap. I feel a little funny giving away something so personal. but really that could be a picture of any child!!


  1. Joanne, this is a lovely tag but the story behind it really gives you a lump in the throat.

  2. Tears to a glass eye Joanne, that's so lovely. Lovely tag and even more lovely the story behind it.

    I'll swap it thoughtfully I promise!!

  3. OH!! Joanne ...

    its a gorgeous tag without knowing it was you or the story..

    Now knowing, .. its even more adorable ..

  4. Joanne it's so beautiful! Feel privileged that you would share something so personal with us. Thank you! x

  5. This is my favourite piece of work of yours!!! It's beautiful and so evocative! x

  6. This tag is so beautiful! Your story makes it even more poignant & loveable.

  7. What a gorgeous photo of you and a wonderful tag....it made me feel quite emotional reading the story behind the picture - I can understand why it would feel odd giving a little piece of you away.

  8. *sniff sniff whaaaaaaaaaa*

    Oh thats so sad....awwwwwwwwww

    Thats really beautiful Joanne x

    You do this style REALLY well too.

  9. Wow, what a fab tag, just love everything of it. ;)

  10. Goodness, I need my tissues now, Joanne. It is so touching.
    An amazing image, so vulnerable

  11. Oh Joanne the tag is so gorgeous and so extra special when I read the story behind it.

  12. Joanne........this is the most awesome tag and that pic of you is so precious....love it. Whoever gets it is very lucky. I adore the colors also and the fibers are so pretty :o)


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