Saturday, December 06, 2014

Quick Crochet Gifts: His 'n' Hers Linen Stitch Scarf with Contrast Ends ( Plus one for the dog!)

Wouldn't this be the perfect christmas gift for a couple with a dog?

However that's not what I made them for! The scarves are going to a couple, but the dog scarf is a separate gift for a friend's dog.

This whole set came about quite by accident. I decided to make stripy scarves for a couple, and then decided these colours would be nice. The light grey is the same for each scarf, but I've team it with charcoal for the "His" and Oatmeal for the "Hers".

I really wanted to make these with just 200g for each scarf, but was concerned that it wouldn't be enough so erred on the short side. However it turned out that there was much more yarn than I thought and decided to use the leftovers to make contrast ends.

There was STILL some leftover so I decided to make the dog scarf in all three colours, and there was STILL a little bit leftover!!

I thought I'd include basic instructions in case anyone was interested.

Yarn: 2 x100g StyleCraft Life DK in two different colours (you could use other yarn of course, but I know that there is enough with this yarn)

hook: 4mm


Chain approx 255 in colour A (or more if you want less contrast edge - up to about 350 for no contrast).

The whole scarf is made with Linen Stitch
Which is basically 1dc -british (or 1sc american) then one chain.

here's a great youtube video that will explain it better


-after finising your chain, 1dc (all my instructions are british) into 3nd chain, chain 1, skip next chain in chain row, dc into next chain. continue accross to end. finishing with a dc.

Change to colour B
-turn, chain 2, *1 dc into first chain space, chain 1, continue to end from *. 1 dc into turning chain.
-repeat this row.
(so all stripes except first and last, are made up of two rows)

Change to colour A and repeat last two rows.

Continue in this way, carrying  yarn up the side, until you have 21 stripes. (40 rows). The first and last stripes only have one row.

Contrast Stripes:

Do not cut yarn.

Take the colour you have used last, and chain two, turn work sideways and work linen stitch along end, stitching 1 dc into each stripe, finishing with a dc as close to edge as you can.
Continue in one colour linen stitch until the contrast end is the length you require.

Fasten off

Go to other end of work and pick up othe colour which is still attached and do the same to form contrast end.

Sew in ends.

The Doggy Scarf. (modelled by the gorgeous Hugo)
PLEASE NOTE: I have had the following comment on my blog
"I don't want to be a party pooper, but while the doggy scarf is cute it could potentially be deadly to the poor pooch. All it would take is for the loose end to get caught on something (or grabbed by another over enthusiastic dog) and it would tighten. Perhaps it could be reworked to not be adjustable, or to have a breakaway part somewhere."

This is certainly something to bear in mind. So Please use this pattern with caution. Maybe only use it as a photo prop. 
For this I did a linen stich in three colours, changing colours after each row. You will always know which colour is next as it will be right there waiting for you at the beginning of the row.

Chain the desired length.

Do a 3 colour linen stitch until desired width.

Turn as for contrast edge and linen stitch accross. (I pulled mine in a bit and doubled up some of the stitches so that the contrast edge is narrower than the scarf). Linen stitch in one colour until desired length when folded, and sew in half.

Finish by doing a single row of linen stitch in same colour along other edge (this covers all of the carrying threads)

Fasten off and sew in ends.