Wednesday, June 27, 2007

knitting socks....why?????

This one is to show there is more to my life than papercrafts, and also to explain my blog header a little.

I am first and foremost a knitter. I teach knitting at my son's school and believe that knitting is the solution to so many problems!!!

at christmas I started knitting a pair of socks, but I completely lost it on the heel shaping and threw them at the wall and ignored them for a good few months. I decided to take them on holiday with me to do in the evenings, while the kids were in bed. And I got the hang of it, I finished one and finished one all but the toe shaping.

I have now been back from holiday for nearly three weeks, and guess how much I've done now! yes you've guessed it they are still in exactly the same state!! lol, so here's a picture. unless you are a knitter yourself you will have no concept of what an achievement it is or why anyone would want to knit their own socks, sorry!


  1. wow.....I cant knit a scarf let alone a pair of socks lol - gorgeous design and colours.

  2. Fab, still love that wool. If this chilly weather carries on you'll be needing these socks, lol.

  3. Oh yeah I can knit...but not that well... UNREAL WOOL, and love those socks.. :O)

  4. thats OPAL, right!!!! looking awesome, go on and finish them, i appreciate all the work that goes into knitting, used to be a model knitter myself.. waiting to see them finished! ;-)


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