Friday, September 25, 2009

little hats

I was really pleased to see that Innocent Smoothies and Sainsbury's are teaming up again to raise funds for Help the Aged. In these difficult financial times it's encouraging to see that companies can still think of others.
But someone has to knit the little hats, so here are my first few. They've said that they don't have to have bobbles this year, so I decided to add buttons to mine. I love making these they are so quick, use up tiny leftovers of wool and you get the lovely feeling you get when you are doing someting selfless.
I encourage you to make a few, the link for more info is in my sidebar.


  1. What an absolutely fab idea! And I love your buttons instead of bobbles.
    Wish I could knit, not that I need another thing to do!! LOL

  2. How sweet and what a great way to raise money

  3. whar do they use thes hats for? are they tree decorations like the mittens?
    connie dietz


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