Thursday, April 08, 2010

at last... the perfect profile picture!!!

Just kidding!! I'm just sharing the pictures of the balaclava I just finished knitting. I had been talking to a friend about balaclavas, and I wondered how hard it could be to make an attractive balaclava that didn't make you look like you were about to rob a bank.
I am quite pleased with how it turned out, and it was so, so easy to make.
And if you start to scare people you can wear it as a bobble hat!!


  1. This is fantastic! I have no patience for yarn :( It takes me too long to make something, I think that's why i love paper and stamps. Totally admire those who can do it...Have a great day!

  2. ROFL - do you know something about the weather that we dont Joanne?!!
    This is fab, lovely aran cables, will keep you (or the boys!) really cosy next winter.

  3. That will certainly keep you warm, Joanne. I love it - love anything with cable. Would love to try one for next Winter! You're probably starting a new trend, btw...

  4. Cute! I was beginning to worry that you were giving up knitting altogether after your talk about how fabulous crochet socks were. :) Glad to see that you're still at it.

    I need to knit one of those for myself. I don't know how I survive winter without it!

  5. fantastic, wow... you got style

    have a great weekend

    chriss x

  6. Adorable! I made several for the men in my life, but this is so cute! Well done.

  7. heehee brilliant!!! As I was waiting for your blog to load all I could see was the bobble for ages ....I was saying 'come on come on!!' as I new it would be a classic!

    *chuckle*....a perfect bobble hat/banaclava for someone robbing an organic store or National Trust shop perhaps.

    I have no idea where you get the time in your life to come up with all this knitting as well as papercrafting.Those needles must be on fire!

  8. ha ha love the first photo you look very Icelandic..great knitting

  9. Well I don't think I would dare wear a balaclave but I love it as a bobble hat :D
    Can't imagine how much patience it must take to knit something like that though so well done you.
    Chris xx


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