Sunday, September 26, 2010

November Craft Stamper Sneak peeks

The new subscription copies of craft stamper has landed. I have a stamping contrast and a short article in it.
The stamping contrast was using stamps from stempelglede. The pictures in the mag don't really show how glittery my pieces are. I guess it's really hard to show without close ups and funny angles

The short article is about using number stamps

I used stamps from Banana Frog


  1. I really look forward to seeing them in their full glittery gorgeousness....congratulations Joanne!

  2. You did well with these stanmps as they don't look the easiest subject this early in the year.
    Loved your article too.

  3. congrats Joanne. the sneak peaks look lovely.

  4. Oooh, I will look forward to seeing these in full;a they look great!

    Lucy x

  5. I have the mag and you have achieved miracles with these stamps. Another great edition this month. x

  6. Can't wait to see, Joanne! We get our copies in the US a little later.... these peeks look gorgeous!

  7. ooohhh these look amazing, must get my hands on a copy!!!

  8. I think its a shame they dont take sympathetic photos.. they look very twinkly on your sneek peek.. ( a bit frustrating)

    well done on doing the contrast xx

  9. Hi Joanne - I love your November CS projects. The way you've created the flowers with the number 8 is so clever! The Stempelglede projects are magical - you've chosen the perfect colour combination for those beautiful angel images.
    Love, Sylvia x


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