Friday, December 16, 2011

gingersnap challenge: Wax

I took the gingersnap challenge of wax quite literally this week. I remember I used to be fascinated when I was younger when restaurants had wine bottles with candles in and the wine bottles were covered in dripped wax. I know they are a bit tacky but I like them.

Candles don't drip like that nowadays, so to create this effect I had to drip the candle myself down the side of the bottle.
To add a little bling I embedded iridescent bubble beads from penny wise arts into the wax (just heat gently with a heat gun and then push them into the wax)
Finally I heated the wax on the front and pushed the crown coin stamp from this crafty individuals stamp plate into it. leaving the stamp unmounted makes this really easy to do.


  1. I love the effect of the embedded beads!

    I always loved those bottle candles in restaurants too.

  2. I loved those bottles too - I remember some in a little restaurant in Bordeaux - so romantic

  3. A wonderful bottle. An eye catcher in a shelve.


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