Tuesday, January 24, 2012

easy tatty paper flowers

I'm not in anyway claiming any original idea, but I'm posting a piece tomorrow with some of these tatty book page roses, and I thought I'd add a quick tutorial showing how I made them.

all you need is a book page, some glue, and ink if you want to colour them.

tear an "almost" circle out of the paper- no accuracy required

tear into a spiral, starting thin at the edge and increasing thickness as shown

Start rolling tightly from the outside edge, keeping the inside edges aligned.

leave to rest so it unfurls a little
add a blob of glue to centre of spiral and press rest of flower onto it.
you know have a rose..... but.....
I find these to dimensional to use on anything, so the next stage is to squish between finger and thumb
to give a more open tatty rose

you can now ink these as desired, I used the appropriately names "tattered rose"

to give a finished flower. Voila! quick, easy and each one is unique!

you could also add a touch of glitter if required.

come back tomorrow to see the piece that I used three of these flowers on


  1. These are gorgeous - needn't have bought the sizzix die now I've seen this!!

  2. Wow, I must try this - looks great! Jo x

  3. I have done these with Tim's tattered pine cone die they look really easy to do just by tearing, but doing it like this they can be done in different sizes too

  4. I haven't tried making flowers this way, thanks for the tutorial, Joanne!


  5. Your flowers are gorgeous! I have to try this!

  6. Wonderful! Thanks for the tutorial, off to make some right NOW...


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