Monday, February 20, 2012

another (larger) knitted hot water bottle cover

When I was knitting my mini hot water bottle covers for Christmas, I accidentally picked up 3 hot water bottles from poundland that were the wrong size for the pattern I had written. They are still small but larger than the mini ones.

so here's the updated pattern if your hot water bottle is this size.

use the same techniques as the original pattern, but
cast on 60 stitches
increase on first 3 rounds as before (72 stitches)
st st 50 rows (53 rows in total)

decrease as set in original pattern for 4 rows

1 row st st(in same colour as neck if you are changing colours)
2x2 rib for 3 rows

for pocket
pick up 22 stitches on the 14th row.
st st 20 rows.
moss stitch 2 rows, cast off in moss stitch.

I made sure that the number of stitches for the body as a "nice" number, as it has so many factors (i.e. you can divide it by 2,3,4,6,8,12 etc) so is perfect for setting up lovely fairisle patterns such as this simple heart.

of course you could just cheat and use a self-striping yarn (this is actually the original sized pattern)

new pattern

1x medium hot water bottle
1x 50g ball of DK yarn (about 100yd) if doing in just one colour, or you can easily use up oddments.
1x 4mm circular needle
scrap of fabric
dried lavender (I got mine from ebay)

gauge (important-ish) 21st and 23 rows over 10cm square stocking stitch.

cast on 60 stitches, and divide in half on your circular needle, using the magic loop method. each of these halves I will call a "section" and two sections make a "round".

increase one stitch at each end of both sections on next three rounds. Knitting every row (creates stocking stitch when knitting in the round) - I increase by knitting into the front and back of the first and last stitch. (46 stitches)

continue knitting for 50 rounds ( 53 rounds in total)

decrease 1 stitch at end of each section for next four rounds ie :( K1 KSPO K to last 3 sts of section K2tog K2 KSPO K to last 3 stitches K2tog k1) twice

k 1 round

k2 p2 rib 34 rounds, cast off in rib.

to make the pocket
pick up 22 stitches in the middle of one side of 14th row,
stst 20 rows (ie k1 row p 1 row - you are not knitting in the round anymore, just using your circular needles as normal needles)
moss stitch 2 rows
cast off in moss stitch

sew up bottom of cover
sew up sides of pockets

make lavender bag to go in pocket


  1. Your knitted covers are fab Joanne, x

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  3. Hello Joanne, these are so lovely. What a good idea!

    I don't think I'll be able to get dried lavender over here (I live in Colombia, South America), but after seeing these, I'm determined to try even if I have to grow my own!)


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