Friday, January 03, 2014

mug cosy and coaster all-in-one

I saw this idea on pinterest here and immediatley knew that I had to do my own version of it.
I chose to crochet as it's so much easier to custom fit things using crochet rather than knitting.


create a "magic ring" and dc(british -sc american) 5 into ring and tighten.
next round 2dc into each stitch (i do not turn, or join in round but crochet in a spiral (either method would work)
next round *2dc into next stitch, dc in next st, rpt from* all round
next round *2dc into next stitch, dc in next 2 st, rpt from *all round
next round *2dc into next stitch,  dc in next 3 stitch, rpt from * all round

continue in this way until you have a circle the same size or just larger than base of your mug.

next round dc into back loop only of each stitch.
next round dc into each stitch.
continue last row to base of handle (I didn't repeat this row at all.

turn and dc every row until reach top of the handle.
at end of last row do not turn but chain 1 and join to top of other edge.
next round dc all round.
repeat this row if need to reach near top of cup.

finish top with one round of reverse dc (crab stitch, rope stitch).
fasten off

attach yarn to row where you only crocheted into back loop, and reverse dc into front loop all round and fasten off.


word verification is off! thanks for all your lovely comments, they mean so much to me!