Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quick crochet gift :crochet flower brooch tutorial

I have been looking for the perfect knitted or crocheted flower to make quick crochet gifts for ages (my pinterest boards are full of them) but I've never quite find what I was looking for.
I wanted something not too small but not too large, that was very quick too make, that sat flat, and didn't use much yarn.
I came up with this pattern while experimenting with a dahlia pattern.

 This is a view of the back, with a safety pin attched. It would look better with a proper brooch back.
 And here are a couple, experimenting with different colours.
 To make this use a scrap of yarn. (the one pictured used just 3g of yarn!) a suitable hook, and a yarn sewing needle.
 make 4 chain and join with a slip stitch

 chain 1 (counts as a stitch)
 double crochet (british) 7 times into circle .......(americans use sc everywhere it says dc or double crochet)
 Join with a slip stitch (you should have 8 stitches)
 chain 1 (counts as a stitch)
2 dc into base of chain
3 dc into each stitch, then slip stitch into first chain (24 stitches in total)

chain 1, 4 dc into base of chain,
 5 dc into each stitch
 join with a slip stitch, knot and break yarn leaving a long tail (120 stitches)

N.B. if you don't end up with 120 stitches, don't panic, just take whatever you have and divide it by six and use this for the count in the next step instead of the 20 given.
 This leaves you with something quite flower like but messy, and with an obvious hole.
 thread needle with tail
count 20 stitches, and insert needle through 20th stitch and 21st stitch.
 continue this way, counting 21st stitch as stitch one, count 20 and repeat until join up with the starting postion, pushing flower into correct position as you go.
 pull up tight and then sew through the centre to the back
 making sure to catch the base ring.
 tie off ends, then use these ends to attach buttons and brooch back.
 here are a few of finished pictures (without buttons)

 of course if you don't want to use buttons or leave it plain, there are many other options including beads.

You my use this pattern to make items to gift or sell. Please do not sell the pattern, or reproduce the instructions on your own website. Please link back to this pattern, if you use it.


  1. Joanne, they are so lovely, would make a perfect gift too.

  2. Hi Joanne, This is lovely :) Thank you! Rhondda (Oombawka Design)

  3. love this, Thank you for sharing

  4. Hi Joanne, just finished my first broach using your pattern. I found it very easy (I am a beginner at crocheting) and I love the result. Thank you


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