Friday, September 05, 2008

I've got the blahs

well actually I haven't at all, that's the theme at inchybyinch

so this is my very moody looking girl having a bad day!
the collage image is by Inka

and for those of you having a bad day, this never fails to cheer me up. it's done on an online game, club penguin.


  1. She's great Joanne - thanks for joining in

  2. Fabulously moody inchie....and I loved the club penguin You Tube....

    :0) x

  3. cool inchie - the club penguins have "Awwwww Factor" brill

  4. Great inchie. Glad you joined in. Everyone needs a lift sometime even if not very often. Oh, the lucky people who are always "up".


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