Monday, September 01, 2008

wednesday stamper :circles

Jo and I decided to use this week's Wednesday Stamper theme of 'Circles' to inspire our own ATC challenge. We both had the same stamp which we felt was perfect for the theme. Without any discussion of styles or techniques etc we decided to see what each of us would make with it.
This is our linked contribution to Wednesday Stamper.
This is mine,

I probably went with the most obvious interpretation of circles: wheels. the sequin stamp and the eyelet also added to the circles on this ATC. the image and sequin stamp is by Inka. The word stamp we both used is by stampinks unlimited.

Jo's can be seen on her blog here...please take a look and see what she came up with. This was a really fun challenge as I had no idea what Jo was going to do, and I think we've done completely different things with the same stamp.


  1. Great fun, we should do this more often. I'm sure we have plenty of doubles in stamps.
    Love this Joanne.... The rich colours work very well together.Clever using wheels as your reasoning behind it. I was completely off track and was thinking about rocking horses and other sayings until I realised it wasnt rocking and saw the wheels for my lie down lol

  2. brilliant idea Joanne and one of my favourite sayings - love the concept behind it too. Off now to look at Jo's.

  3. The two of you certainly do have different interpretations but their both great! I like them equally.

  4. this is really gorgeous, I love green so it's perfect....and never a truer saying it. ;-)

  5. Wonderful idea, Joanne. That stamp looks brilliant.

  6. This is one beautiful piece. love it.

  7. Really beautiful. Great colours!


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