Friday, May 20, 2011

My tidy craft room

After sharing the shame of the mid-tidying photos, I thought that maybe you'd like to share the finished room.
I know this still isn't tidy by neat freak standards, but to me it's nothing less than a miracle.

and the even bigger miracle, I still know where everything is!

The now tidy doorway, I have sewing stuff under the desk, and the soft pockets on the wall are for knitting.

A desk with space to work! and finally room to put a chair!

wood mounteds on the shelf, and stamps organised my manufacturer in boxes

essentials allowed on the desk
The shelves on the desk (finally found a proper home for my bigshot)

The messy, but organised, corner behind the door

That green cupboard used to live in my dining room and used to easily house ALL of my craft stuff!!!


  1. Congratulations on sorting out your creative space! That's a big deal. Craft stuff is hard to organize - all sizes and shapes and often too pretty to put away. Then there's the biggest obstacle of all: it's so much more fun to be stamping than tidying. Thanks for the inspiration to clear up a bit and have a lovely sunny space like this as the reward.

  2. I am totally jealous! Your room looks amazing. I am about to combine my offsite studio space back into my craft room/office/study....ack! I will use your gorgeous space for inspiration!

  3. Well done Joanne, you've done a great job! My room takes forever to tidy, I start crafting again, and then it doesn't look as though I've tidied at all! Methinks I have too much stuff. Great to meet you the other day, Judith xx

  4. Isn't it a great feeling to have things tidy & organised. I barely have enough clear floor space to get into my craft room at the moment, aagh, major tidy up required! Enjoy your new space. xx

  5. You have been busy! It is the bit I always hate about crafting... the tidying up afterwards!

  6. well done. I too hate the tidying bit. It never does look tidy even when done and then it's back to square one after just one card. Lovely to meet you on saturday. Karen

  7. you had a visit from the tidy worked wonders...wanna come visit me for about a week:) Isn´t that funny how our very first storage drawer thingy was all we needed way back I need to build an addition onto the house:)


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