Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tutorial : swing card

I have a tutorial posted on the Frantic Stamper Blog today for how to make a swing card.

My technique allows you to make a swing card any size you like, with any (symmetrical) swing shape. This is the kind of swing card where you can see the whole of the swing bit, i.e. it doesn't hide part of it when the card is closed.

there's no template, just a pattern which you can apply to any shape, as long as you can devide its width into four, there's just a few simple rules
  • The swing shape needs to be vertically symmetrical.
  • You need to be able to measure its widest point, and divide this measurement by 4.
    • The key to this is find this measurement, make a note of it, and from this point just consider it a “chunk” or “measure” as all further measurements will just be a multiple of this.
    • In the sample I have made I have used a 4 inch square, as this is the simplest shape to explain it, but you could just as easily use a heart or circle, and any size can be divided by four.
  • The height of the shape and the final card are unimportant.
  • The width of the final open card will be twice the width of the shape.

if you do not understand the card instructions which are here please comment with your questions on this post and I will answer them.


  1. Great tut, good visually and really clear:0) Super card, love that flowery background on the card, very different and gorgeous colours:0) xxx

  2. What a coincidence, Joanne! I just made one of these the other day. Could have done with your instructions though as I wrecked three!!! LOL

  3. I used to love making these they are such fun. Yours is a beautiful one Joanne. Annette x


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