Monday, July 30, 2007

the hat inchies

Emma c , Jo C-S

Louise G , Kaz

Mel , Me

Gillian M , Anjie

Jo C-S, Seona

Today was the closing date for the hat inchies. Here is one from each person that I received them from. I'm not sure if I have everyone's in yet as the post has been disastrous recently, so if you know you've sent me some but they aren't here, please let me know. I think I will wait a couple of days anyway.

if you missed this swap and would like to try your hand at inchies, check out the next swap with the theme trees. the closing date for that one is the end of august, so that's loads of time...but don't let it creep up on you. make them now!! lol, you know you want to!!

In case you are wondering what has happened to you inchies, I am waiting for one more set to arrive which has got caught up in the postal strike.


  1. i love these ones, they may be my fave yet, until the trees are done, that's my fave I've done so far- these are all lovely though. well done everyone and Joanne thanks for organising this, I love it!!

  2. looking fab as usual!
    i love all inchies,one of my favourite swaps,keep going and thanks joanne!

  3. wow, they look fab together!!! thanks for doing the swap Joanne :o)


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