Saturday, August 25, 2007

September's inchies: new swap announcement

I'm posting this a little early. The tree inchie swap will finish in about a week, so I thought it was time to announce the new swap.

September's theme is circles. Look around you and you find circles everywhere. You will be amazed when you start looking how often they appear. You can use them however you want: in the background, the main image. it doesn't even have to be a full circle, just a part of a circle is fine. Even the humble polka dot is a circle.
If you fancy taking part the rules are the same as always. Make 9 inchies (1 inch square pieces of art) using whatever method takes your fancy. keep one of them for yourself and send me the other eight with an SAE (if you are in the uk, if you are out of the uk, send me an atc or something to cover the postage!!). You will receive a random selection of eight inchies back.

If you've taken part before, you know all this. If you haven't and fancy a go, contact me through my email address on the profile on my blog and I will send you my address and answer any questions.
The closing date is september 30th

You can make 9 different or 9 all the same, or whatever. As a personal challenge I intend to make 9 completely different inchies. I've been having a quick play tonight to demonstrate a few circles, whether these 3 will make it into my final 9 is yet to be decided.

My circles are an eye, smilies and a postmark. See! Circles are everywhere


  1. Great theme and fab inchies Joanne!

  2. hmmmm...okie dokes. Will have a go as usual. Good inspiration you've given us with those three. :0)

  3. Great theme ..... will give this a go :)

  4. Will def have a go, brill theme Joanne :o)

  5. From the new girl on the block.
    Love the idea of circles Joanne. will need to put on my thinking cap - cap- see circle.
    Do like the 3 you have shown us.

  6. I've had a go Joanne - if you don't want to see them yet - don't go onto my blog - lol~


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