Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Hallowe'en

okay I've been saving myself up for my apostrophe rant. The people who know me know my obsession with the apostrophe.

The English spelling of Hallowe'en has an apostrophe. pure and simple. The apostrophe is there because it is a contraction of All Hallow's Eve, or Halloweven, the v was removed and replaced by an apostrophe.

The Americans spell it without the apostrophe. I can deal with that just fine as there are other words that the americans spell different. that's why American English is not the same as English. But over the last few years the celebrations in the UK have become very americanised (or should that be americanized?).
For example "the holidays" is not another name for Christmas in the UK. "The holidays" is when we go to the beach in the summer and sit on our deck chairs, behind our windbreaks!

I am proud of the history of the English language and hate to see it slowly slipping away. As far as I am concerned writing Halloween, is as bad as writing Shouldnt or dont. It has an apostrophe.

Plus don't you think the word just looks much more spooky with the apostrophe?

aaaaah I feel much better for that!!

so some Hallowe'en work.
I have made a tag to go on some party bags, for a hallowe'en party I am throwing for my children later today. It gave me a good excuse to remind them all about the apostrophe too!

I have also made a door hanging, as part of a Hallowe'en swap, with one very moody looking witch (I'm not referring to the person I swapped with!!!)

I am entering these for this week's Saturday Stampers, where Kaz did use the apostrope (she's a good mate!!)


  1. Joanne, I appreciated the "English" lesson I got on my way to enjoying your fantastic door hangers. The woman definitely looks like she should be wearing that hat! Great work.

  2. Fabulous creations Joanne. I love that cat!

    It is so long since I saw it with an apostrophe I had forgot it had one. Im not a fan of this time of year so perhaps thats why I never take any notice.

  3. Great hanger! love the swirly bit and the crackles.

  4. Great hanger.

    Yes I agree it looks beter with teh apostrophe (although I do foget it most of the time)

    Happy Hallowe'en Joanne

  5. Wow really great pieces. Love it.

  6. brilliant stuff Joanne, thanks for the English lesson, since I'm Scottish does that mean I get to write Halloween?
    love the hanger especially, gorgeous work. :o)

  7. Fab work Joanne, love your Hallowe'en creations!!

    Kaz :-)

  8. Gorgeous creations Joanne.. really love them!!

    Em :o)

  9. Joanne, I enjoyed reading your rant, but slightly disagree with your dislike of the word "holidays" as it is neutral and is embracing all cultures and religious denominations. For example, when I want to make a card to our Jewish or Indian friends, they wouln'd be overjoyed to see the Happy Christmas message as they don't celebrate it, at the same time I want to wish them a happy festive season, so there's nothing wrong with the use of "holidays". cheers!

  10. How about "Season's Greetings" , Galina??
    I laughed really loudly at the description of the "with one very moody looking witch (I'm not referring to the person I swapped with!!!)"- guess who has the hanging infront of her right now lol....its fabulous Joanne, thankyou xx

    Happy Hallowe'en !!

  11. Wow, love your tag and the door hanger. Both are perfect.

  12. Love your Hallowe'en pieces Joanne! And love the way you explained about the aposthrophe

  13. Go'on Jo'anne!! woohoo - you tell 'em

  14. Love your Hallowe'en pieces (checks to make sure the apostrophe is in the correct place) lol.

    Fantastic rant , forgotten that it did have an apostrophe , has been such a long time since i seen that spelling.

    Happy Hallowe'en x

  15. They're both great Joanna I love the fretwork styled bit at the top of your Hallowe'en hanger, the BG crackles and colours are fab too along with a great choice of image.

  16. Actually, I've always spelled it with an apostrophe, despite having American origins...

  17. zuzuspetals62@hotmail.comLove this .. nice work x :-)


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