Thursday, November 01, 2007

November's Inchie Swap

The theme for November is "Christmas Time"
you may interpret the theme however you want to , there are no rules!!
well actually there is one rule: It must be 1 inch square of course!!

The swap, as always, is open to anyone. If you haven't taken part before but have considered it, then this is a good one to start with. We all have something christmasy in our craft boxes (lol, it's a long time since my craft stuff fit in just one box!! now it's the box-room!).

So when you are starting to play about with ideas for your Christmas cards, make an inchie! it's a good starting point.

You can take part wherever you are: if you are based in the UK I ask you to include an SAE with a "large" stamp; if you are outside the UK, I will pay the return postage, so I ask you to include an ATC or something to cover this (although I'd rather have the inchies and nothing else if it puts you off taking part).

You can use any media you like. I usually stamp, but this isn't just a stamping swap.

You make 9 inchies. Keep one for yourself, and send the other 8 to me. You will then receive a selection of 8 back (so basically it's an 8 for 8 swap).

Any questions, leave a comment, or if you want to take part, you can email me for my postal address. My e-mail address is in my profile.


  1. Thnaks for another great theme, I'm definitely in this month. Have done mine:)

  2. Hi Joanne, I would love to participate in your inchie swap (I found it from swapdex board :) Just let me know if you are still accepting these I can get them done over the weekend and mail them out on tuesday :) Thanks Shawn

  3. Thanks, Joanne, for hostessing this swap. I've just mailed out my Christmas ones.


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