Friday, November 30, 2007

quick knitted gifts

so if you are expecting a christmas present from me look away now, this could be a bit of a spoiler.
I wanted to make some quick knitted gifts, and had the idea of these mug cosies.

I thought I'd share my pattern

needles:4mm I think,they say 8 on them, if I remember rightly that's 4mm
yarn: that random ball of wool in the knitting basket with no label on it, but it's the right colour. probably double knit. is that sport weight in the US?
a button.

tension square:what's one of those then? just don't knit too tight or too loose and if you do, put it on a bigger or smaller mug.

Cast on 62 stitches, in whatever way you like to cast on
K1 P1 rib for two rows
3rd row K6 P2 K6 P2 K10 P2 K6 P2 K10 P2 K6 P2 K6
4th row K2 P4 K2 P6 K2 P10 K2 P6 K2 P10 K2 P6 K2 P4 K2
repeat row 3 and 4 once more
row 7 K6 P2 C6F (cable the next 6 stitches,ie put 3 on a cable needle at the front (or the back if you prefer) knit next 3 sts then k 3 from cable needle) p2 k10 p2 C6F (I don'thave to explain it again do I?) p2 k10 p2 C6F p2 k6
row 8 as row 4

repeat rows 3-8 twice more

then row 3 and 4 once more

k1p1 rib for two rows
cast off,leaving a long thread.

use loose cast on thread to join the bottom rib

use cast off thread to make a button hole. make a loop by sewing it through the back to the front, wrapping it round your finger (to make a size for the button you have chosen, then into knitting again and repeat so you have a double thickness loop. then bring the yarn back through and blanket stitch around the loop.(I'm sure that made no sense. if anyone's bothered I'll try and explain it better.

sew the button on the other side.

buy ultra cheap mugs (I got these for 9 for £4.99) and dress them in their new winter jumpers.


  1. Oh my gosh these are sooooo cute! It really makes me want to sit by the fire with a hot cup of coco. I wish knew how to knit…lol

  2. These are really good, thanks for sharing the pattern.

    They'd be great for using up yarn too .... I'm seeing a whole cupboard full of brightly coloured cosies on my many mugs!

  3. These are darling! You have my address don't you, lol.

  4. Great work again...I always think of you when I see that Shreddies advert lol

  5. Joanne these are so fabulous! I really wish i could knit!!
    rofl @ shreddies ad lol :)

  6. Cheers Joanne for the pattern - fun gift!!! I'm thinking of adding initials.

  7. I love this idea and pattern! However, I wish I had paid attention to the fact that you are in the UK and not the US, or gone by the mm instead of the needle number. LOL An 8 in the US is 5mm...a 6 is 4mm. Silly me, I tried this on US 8s and now I am looking for a larger coffee mug! haha :) LOVE the pattern though! Very pretty, quick to knit, and very easy to follow (this is the first item I've ever completed that has cables in it--I just learned how to cable less than a week ago!) Thank you for sharing your pattern!

  8. Hi Joanne
    I have just been to a 'Learn to Knit' event at BaaRamEwe and saw your mug cosy's. I love them! I'm going to try them out once I've finished my scarf! Thanks for sharing your pattern:)

  9. really nice work.i agree with u.graet gift.

  10. Thank you so much for a really great pattern! Thank you perhaps even moreso for being "real" with your clever comments! I find knitting rather fussy at times with stuff like "tension", etc! Love the real!


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