Friday, January 18, 2008


just to prove I really can crochet (I tell people often enough). I thought I'd show this little jacket I made as a gift for Kaz's daughter. I saw the patten on lion brand yarn (some of the best free knitting and crochet patterns on the web)And it was such a simple pattern I had to make it.
I originally planned to do it all in pink, but it soon became apparent that I would not have enough so I decided to use cream for the edges, sort of a bit "chanel" don't you think, lol.

p.s. did any knitters watch the golden compass movie and spend a good part of the time sat there working out the pattern to Lyra's woolly hat? I know I did! anyway, they have the pattern free on lion brand. (you need to register to access the patterns but it's all free)


  1. ooo thats so cute - youre too flippin talented!! Would love to be able to crochet but it looks too complicated....well,for me anyway!

  2. Very cute. I think I'll have to try the hat, thanks.

  3. This is just gorgeous Joanne, Sophie will look gorgeous in it!

  4. aaaaaaaawwww I hope this comes today, I really love it Joanne, and so did Sophie when I showed her the pic!! and Tam says thanks too, he's soppier than me lol
    thank you it's really lovely. xxx


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