Sunday, January 27, 2008

If you stumble, make it part of the dance

Gillian set a forum challenge to make 6"x6" hanging with an egypt theme. I NEVER turn down a challenge, but I thought this one had beaten me. my first piece was a disaster, and is now happily residing in my kitchen bin, where it belongs.

The problems are
a)I have nothing egypt themed, and I can't even download something as my printer and computer are not getting along (I think the computer started it!)
b) I can't do something as big as 6x6. I know it sounds silly, but that's just huge to me!!

I was all for giving up when I remembered this bellydancer stamp from stampsmith. and as bellydancing originatied in egypt (probably, please don't email me and tell me I'm wrong, I'm happy in my own little bubble, please don't burst it, just know you are right, and I'm a bit misguided). so one problem solved. next problem the size. the answer? cheat of course!! so I have made it on a 5x5 square which I have then mounted onto 6x6!! problem solved.

The quote is a metaphor for life, but you probably worked that out. but Ironically it was also a metaphor for this item. when I tried to hang it I found that the circular bead stopped it hanging straight. but then I realise it would hide a piece of blu-tack quite nicely, so now it is a hanging that doesn't need a hook.

I stumbled, I made it part of the dance.


  1. *big grin*

    Brilliant....great to make a smaller piece and matt and layer.

    This is what I see as a 'Joanne piece of art work'- very you.

  2. Yea great piece Joanne full of Egyptian promise.

  3. lovely colours Joanne. like this lots.

  4. ;-) great thinking!!!!! Good piece, a certain serendipity to it ;-)

  5. Beautiful piece, Joanne.
    And you are not wrong about the origins of the belly dancing, though there is a big debate, lol.

  6. This is a great piece and the hot rich colours are great for the theme too. What a great saying - brill philosophy! Love it joanne x

  7. I love the colours & the matting really brings the image alive.

  8. Ooooo I like, very rich and luxurious with the colours,beads,ribbon etc, nice one Joanne:)

  9. OOO lovely.. love the colours .. and I love the stamp... you have used them to great effect :-)

    I love the Egypt theme .. its always been a favorite of mine

  10. gorgeous, this is really lovely Joanne.



  11. Well done on completing the challenge, Joanne. You have done a wonderful job. I love it! :)


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