Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Inka Design Team

I am very proud to anounce that Inka has invited me to be on the Inka Stamps design team. Regular readers of my blog may have noticed that I have rather a fondness for these stamps, they suit my style so well, are lovely quality and due to the favourable exchange rate very affordable too!! You can visit the inka stamps site through the link in my sidebar. while you are there check out Inka's collage sheets, including some free printables, The gallery, where there are ideas for lots of occasions, and Inka's Projects. truly inspirational stuff.
If any of my UK readers are cautious of ordering from the states, don't be. email Inka and she will be able to answer any of your queries. I know it takes longer for them to arrive (about a week) but they are worth the wait.

To celebrate joining the Inka Stamps design team, my friends and blog
readers can get 30% off by mentioning my name (Joanne Wardle) this month
:) (The discount is not available on items already on sale, grab-bags or
items on the Vintage found items page). Inka will be offering other
discounts and specials offers for the design teams friends and blog readers
off and on through out the rest of the year

Here are some pieces I have done for the design team

using some of Inka's gorgeous new stamps

collage images (this is a mothers day card for my mum)

and more of the new stamps


  1. Congratulations! That is very exciting. I think I'll do a little shopping over there! -- Michele

  2. Well at last you can blog your work!! It looks amazing Joanne!
    Big big congratulations on making the team.... I'm really pleased and all proud for you...sewing you a wonderwoman suit as I
    inka have a great team member with you on board.

  3. Joanne, congratulations to you -- and well-deserved! Your cards are fabulous -- really love that bird house one.
    I' checked out Inka's stamps and will definitely be taking advantage of that nice discount, thanks!

  4. Congratulations Joanne, all the samples are gorgeous, look forward to seeing more:) well done again xx

  5. Congratulations!! I am really pleased for you - you have made amazingly creative things with their stamps. I look forward to seeing what you make in the future too :)

  6. Gorgeous stuff, Joanne. Good you can blog it now. I am still totally in love with the bird house!

  7. A big congratulations from me too Joanne, well deserved.

    I love what you've doen with Inkas stamps.

  8. Many congrats, Joanne, I hope you'll be very happy on the design team!

    Brilliant cards - I love the one for your Mum!


  9. I have a bird house!!!!! all fabulous work, congrats again Joanne, very well deserved, you work so well with these stamps. look forward to seeing what you do in the future for Inka

  10. where the heck have i been. i have been missing out on all this good stuff you have been creating. these are all awesome! love that birdhouse and that last one is my favorite. love the whimsical look to it.

  11. oh yeah, i forgot........congrats!!!!


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