Friday, February 29, 2008

March Inchie swap : Birds

I have decided to try something new for the inchie swap and I have invited a guest artist to choose the theme and make the sample for the swap.

This months guest artist is Kaz, and she has chosen the theme "birds"
and this is her wonderful sample

and a note from kaz
Hi Inchie Addicts!! I'm very honoured to be the guest artist on Joanne's inchie swap this month, and my favourite theme too, "BIRDS". I've known Joanne a while now and she was, and still is one of my biggest inspirations, and introduced me to some really talented and lovely new friends as well.
Hope you all enjoy and join in with this month's theme, I love receiving all of your inchies, and always so beautifully mounted too. Happy Crafting!

Kaz xx

aww shucks I'm all embarrassed now!! lol

The rules are the same as always, and the inchies are still sent to me, I am still organising the swap, Kaz's work is done!
1) Make 9 inchies, send 8 of them to me.
2) If you are in the UK enclose a SAE with a LARGE stamp.
3) if you are out of the UK, send me a small gift, or an ATC and I will cover the postage. please also send an envelope with your address on.
4) They can all be the same, or all different, whatever!!
5) they can be any media you like as long as they are 1" square.
6) there are no rules how to make them or finish them.
7) you do not need to mount them (just make sure they won't fall out of the envelope)
8) the swap is open to anyone, even if you have never made inchies before.
9) put your name on the back of each inchie
10) let me know by email, or by commenting on this thread, that you have posted your inchies, and then I will know to expect them.

closing date 31st march
just email me for my address if you need it.


  1. Fab sample and love the new theme:)

  2. This is a fabulous much to it! Love the birds theme, too.

  3. fab inchie kaz. great theme. will get onto mine asap :-)

  4. Joanne,

    I am new to inchies, but love the idea. I currently am involved in an online ATC group. How long does it take for mail to arrive to you from the US? Where do I sign up? Thanks,


  5. This is a gorgeous moody! I've gone with a more whimsical image. Here's the link...they'll be winging their way over soon!


  6. Brilliant theme - gorgeous inchie!


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