Sunday, December 14, 2008

a few bits from today

Another wine bottle tag, I was especially pleased when I found this snowflake stamp fit in my large snowflake punch. image and stamps by Inka

A card, images and stamps by Inka

A cute christmas card,not sure who the stamp is by, I borrowed it from Maddy.

And The Kids have been placing Tiny Amigurumi Bear in various small places for me to photograph. Apparently here he was trying to get into a christmas stocking but fell and managed to save himself by grabbing the hanger...


  1. I've missed so much stuff on your blog Joanne, all of it fantastic, but that bear, wow how cute is he :o)

  2. wonderful tag and cards Joanne.

  3. Hi Joanne,

    Oh, he's such a cutie! Are you hooked now .... ha ha - geddit?? .... like you were with the tea towel totes? Will we see loads of teeny tiny bears and amigurumi creatures on your blog now? (I hope so, I love them, but I'm not that great at them).

    I love your knitted bookmarks too - what a lovely gift for your club.



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