Monday, December 08, 2008

present wrapping

You can tell that I'm still at the stage of wrapping a couple of presents here and there, as I'm still making an effort with them. This is one of the presents that I need to post off. The base of the tag is some corrugated card from the packaging of an internet order. The collage image and "25" stamp are from Inka.

I picked up this gorgeous "parcel tie" from tesco today. it's like tissue paper raffia effect, in the most gorgeous shade of deep red, which I thought would work well against brown paper. (it's about £1 if you are interested and currently on a 3 for 2)


  1. Your wrapping paper, tag and the tie looks really effective. I've picked up some nice bits and pieces from Tesco too, but may have to go back again now!


  2. Currently on a 3 for 2....:0)...never read that on a blog before...made me smile :0)

    More fab ways of packing/decorating. Corrogated card is well underused/underestimated imo....great stuff.


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