Tuesday, April 14, 2009

put your sunglasses on!

another pair of socks, but what a colour!!!!!
I actually used this gruesome colour as I was experimenting with number of stitches for thicker yarns and never actually expected them to work out. But they did and I WILL wear them, lol


  1. wahey!! loud and proud!!! nice one Joanne.

  2. Thanks for the warning!! Well done. I can't believe how quickly you are making these.

  3. Hi,
    What fun bright socks! Your blog is delightful. You also have an impressive list of challenge sites (which I just started doing)- so thank you for the links!

  4. More fabulous socks! You amaze me! I'm so glad you are loving sock knitting, and that you are doing so fabulous with it! Yes, definitely blinding, though!

  5. It is amazing to me that you have finished another pair of socks! That's awesome! That is definitely a bright pair of socks...


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