Saturday, April 25, 2009

lots to do

I hadn't intended blogging thses cards at all, because they are such basic, quick makes. In fact the only reason they are not already sealed up for the party this afternoon is because I am STILL waiting for my son to write in them (roll eyes).
Anyway, as the theme on lots to do is names, I thought I may as well blog them. I like to put names on childrens cards (and no greeting) as I have been told that children like to use my cards as doorplates or bookmarks after their birthdays. I have used the skateboarders from I brake for stamps again. These stamps have been so useful. Having two sons I have to make a lot of boys cards, so these stamps were definitely money well spent (mind you isn't money spent on stamps always money well spent?)


  1. Fab couple of cards Jo, especialy the Sam one, obviously!!!!

    Thanks for joining in with this weeks Lotstodo Challenge - Sam xxx

  2. Great cards Joanne,perfect.

  3. do you know what,simple cards can be the most effective and eye catching....and these certainly fall in that category.Fab cards.

  4. They are fantastic cards - the colours used are great

  5. I love that stamp I did see it to buy but missed out lovel what you have done with it

  6. Fab card Jo I love the colours


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